AC Milan Vs Fiorentina: Clash of the Legends

2023-11-26 03:21:56

AC Milan and Fiorentina's encounter always brings up the topic of Astori, whose career started at Milan and later became captain at Fiorentina.

Tomorrow, AC Milan Foundation and Davide Astori Foundation will organize an important event, and we must all participate.

AC Milan has been winless in the past four league matches. How do you feel about it?

Talking alone doesn't mean anything, actions speak louder than words. We must prove it with our performance tomorrow, showing that we have learned from our mistakes.

How do you view Kamara?

Talent knows no age, he is very talented. Sometimes fate creates opportunities for you, and we must help him. He is young but already very mature. He is happy to be with us, and he is willing to help us if needed.

Personally, how have you been in the past few weeks?

I have been working, focusing on what we are doing. Our goal is to progress, not to find someone to blame. Since yesterday, we have been preparing for the match against Fiorentina. I am aware of my role: it comes with honors and criticisms. I carry my ideas and drive the club and my team forward.

Do you still believe in having a strong team?

There are two attitudes: one is trying to build something important, the other is trying to destroy everything. I belong to the first one. I have confidence in my players, not because I have to sell a point of view, but because after the first eight rounds, we deservedly led the league. In the recent four rounds, we didn't get what we wanted, and we take responsibility for that.

Do you think your attacking line is in a very urgent situation tomorrow?

We must show our competitiveness. It's not an easy period for us, there are indeed some emergency situations, but we must face them together. Fiorentina always causes us trouble, and we need to perform at our highest level.

Any regrets about the choices made in the summer?

Regrets are for those who don't work hard. The club provided me with a competitive squad. Currently, we are facing an emergency situation due to injuries and suspensions, but I believe the injury situation will improve in the future.Are you still fighting for the league title?There are still 26 rounds, many teams will consider themselves contenders for the league title, but it's not our current focus. Our focus should be on how to face Fiorentina, and then we will see our goals. For now, our goal is to get back on the winning track.What kind of Fiorentina will you face tomorrow?Fiorentina plays attacking football, they have many players up front, and they may concede more goals in the defense. But facing them is always difficult. Champions League? It's too early to talk about that.Any players unable to play tomorrow?The only concern for now is that we haven't been able to reduce the number of injuries in recent years. Every time someone gets injured at Milanello, we are affected. We try to change things every year to improve the situation. Each player has their own situation, some get injured because they play a lot, some get injured because they play less. It's not just happening to us, but our injury count is indeed a negative situation. We are working hard to improve the situation and find ways to reduce the number of injuries. Tomorrow, we will have the return of Davide Calabria, Krzysztof Piatek, and Reuben Loftus-Cheek.We heard that the Swiss national team didn't inform you about Okafor's injury before he told you himself. Have you thought about giving a call to the Swiss coaching staff?I have never called them because I have great respect for their work. I think the true problem lies in the schedule arrangement: it's a matter that needs everyone's high sense of responsibility. The schedule should be more balanced, it benefits both players and the matches.Do you still have the spirit when you won the league?The team has been performing well, but there is still room for improvement. We have been punished for our mistakes, but we haven't lost our spirit. We don't want to dwell on the past. I accept the criticisms, and now we must continue to believe that what we are doing can help us compete again.Bennacer has been training with the team for the past few days, how is he now?He is doing well, no problems, and his fitness is good. He will train with us for another week, and maybe he will be able to make a comeback.Have you talked to Jovic?I communicate with him every day. He knows my expectations, and he understands his role. Now he knows our style of play, he is clear about everything, and he can make his own contribution.What mistakes should you avoid making again?Since I took over at Milan, this is the first time we have conceded more goals in the second half than the first half. Our mistake is losing focus, which may be a technical quality problem or purely an attention issue.Ibrahimovic's return seems to be a matter of time, have you talked to him?Not yet, I know he is in Las Vegas now, and I know he is having conversations with the club and the owners. If Carlini (Ibrahimovic's agent) sees something outstanding in him, then he hasn't made a mistake. If Zlatan can return, he will be an important asset for the team.Are the next two matches decisive?Right now, I'm only thinking about tomorrow's match. My future is uncertain, and all coaches' future is uncertain. The same goes for tomorrow's match.Maldini said he once tried to sign Messi, did he talk to you about it?No, I don't know anything about it.Do you think you lack thinking on the field?I have discussed this issue with the players. We have always had a leader, which is our style of play and our spirit. We must continue to follow these things.What are your wishes now?To see the team display their qualities and potential.How do you manage the team's mental strength in such difficult times?Yesterday, I met with Berrusco (Italian women's volleyball coach) at Milanello. Football itself is simple, but at a certain level, it becomes difficult because the situation is always changing rapidly.How important will the support of the fans be tomorrow?Our fans have always supported us, and we must play with the spirit of AC Milan.The fans want more transparent communication regarding injury issues...